September Retreat: Beyond the Mythologies of the Mind

5 days to Zakynthos for €1795,-

One of the most popular Greek islands, Zante is also known by the Greeks as Zakynthos. It’s perfect for a Blueprint Retreat, with sun, sea, and sand on offer all year round. It’s also a very eco-friendly island, with plenty of wonders to see and enjoy. Head away from the beach more inland and you’ll discover ancient olive groves and timeless villages, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Bohali village is a must-see, and its hillside location affords it spectacular views over Zante Town. With the island’s pristine beaches and wonderful attractions, Zakynthos is the perfect destination for your Blueprint journey.

At Blueprint Travels, we want you to experience yourself. We offer high-end luxury retreats in which you will discover your true potential and align your driving forces with your blueprint.

What’s included:

  • Luxurious accommodation with stunning views
  • Daily guided morning meditation
  • Daily seminars & workshops
  • Two meals per day
  • All admission fees for local activities
  • All the course materials
  • The warmth and energy of the most delightful people

What’s not included:

  • Airfares
  • Extra meals
  • Unrelated activities


The Blueprint Program is a 5-day intensive transformational program designed to help you rediscover your life’s mission. On day one, you will be introduced to the basic principles of achievement and fulfillment. A first-class experience of living life blissfully will be the start of a new life.

On day two, you will gain more in depth knowledge on the psychology and driving forces of human behavior. What drives us? Why do you we behave in ways of which we know that are not helpful to us? Addressing these questions allows us to analyze our own behaviour and take action. Through interactive sessions, you will be taking the second step to reshaping your destiny.

After an exquisite lunch, there will be time to discover the beautiful gems on the island. Our staff is currently organizing the final details of all the activities we will be doing, so stay tuned!

After day one and two, you will have a solid understanding of the human psychology and how it has shaped your personal life. On day three, you will realign with your blueprint by consciously creating your ultimate vision. A breakthrough, which will be the catalyst of a new life.

In the second part of the day, you will have free time to reflect on all the subjects we covered so far and to enjoy the rest of the island.

There is no point in having all the knowledge of how to change your life without the required energy to consistently apply the necessary principles. On day four, you will experience the meaning of a vital body, mind and soul, so you can remain loyal to your higher self and stay true to your commitment.

On day five, we will recap everything we have learned and celebrate our new find balance with a final graduation.

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