“We are here to create meaningful and lasting relationships with people all around the globe”

Blueprint Travels

“Where the destination is outside, but the journey is within”

Let’s be honest and cut to the chase. You want to be purpose-driven, have more energy or just thrive in the things you love doing the most. Bottom line, you came to the right place. At Blueprint Travels, we bring people together in spectacular locations where they will realign with their unique blueprint for a more abundant life.

At Blueprint Travels, we want you to experience you. We offer high-end luxury retreats and group travels where you will discover your true potential and align your driving forces with your blueprint.

Blueprint Design

Life is a constant work in progress and so are you. Throughout the journey, you will reconnect with your blueprint and define your own unique identity so you can align your driving forces and become one with your higher self.

Blueprint Experience

Aside from defining your blueprint, you are also going to have a lot of fun! We firmly believe that change doesn’t always need to be painful or difficult, but that growth and joy can complement and reinforce each other every step of the way.

Contribution Day

There is no point in aiming for success without the intention of giving back. We are all connected in a way most of us often do not understand, and those who do, know that the purest form of human connection is giving without expectation.

Building Blueprint Travels, the story continues…

For over a decade, I’ve been searching for my blueprint. In doing so, I learned that the best way to find it, is by taking on new challenges and trying as many new things as possible. This year, I am going to document the development of Blueprint Travels, including my successes and my failures. The goal is to change the lives of at least thousands of people worldwide and to grow the business to a multimillion company by 2021. Follow my journey of how I’m building my organization, so that my actions may inspire you to build yours as well.

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“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

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